Friday, February 18, 2011

Tricks - AT & T to Unlock the LG Xenon

How to unlock the AT & T LG Xenon? It's a mobile phone, LG Electronics xenon open? We give you one after responding. More information about the AT & T LG Xenon

Your first free you can unlock the LG Xenon is to inform. Follow the detailed instructions.

AT & T LG Electronics To unlock Zeno steps:

1) Put your cell phone and "calls" icon and press enter # * # 865625
"Your mobile phone will lead to a permanent lockout continues a long line, 10 Bar tooth does need to open?": 2) According to one of the following words appear. To continue [Yes] button.
3) a 16-digit unlock code Please enter the secondary.

4) In addition, the unlock code Please enter your 16-digit support.

5) The device is a need to say: Network Lock disable "automatically restart the phone number may be
AT & T LG Xenon for you if you do not buy the course, you are currently in the Amazon, we unlock the LG Xenon started selling Discovery, in the form of a lock acquisition of the mall.
I hope it works for you that you are! AT & T Cell Phone Questions and Answers
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